Firefly Music Videos by Li Moss
I own no music, I don't own Firefly - I merely play with the material for my own enjoyment.  No profit is ever made by me, and should not be made by anybody else, for these videos.

Music:  Paloma by Carbon Leaf
Edited:  November 2006
File Size:  34 MB, 720x480
Duration:  4:40

Free of the Alliance program (for now), River still must come to terms with her altered self, and her life continues to be a struggle.  The bright side is that she has (to varying degrees) the Serenity crew on her side, but especially Simon, whose love and fierce devotion to protecting and healing her will hopefully win out.  

Oh, one more thing - for the sake of this video, I believe “Paloma” means River in some outer rim dialect!

Spoilers for the entire series and Serenity.

Burbank 2007 Serenity/Firefly Convention:  Creation Entertainment chose Paloma as one of the winning videos submitted for the convention!