X-Files Music Videos by Li Moss

I own no music, I don't own the X-Files - I merely play with the material for my own enjoyment.  No profit is ever made by me, and should not be made by anybody else, for these videos.


Crazy Love  
by Poco
Edited:  April 2006
File Size:   23.6 MB, wmv, 640 x 480
Duration:  3:22

Right click here for Crazy Love (small) - 12.6 MB, 320 x 240
I heard this old song on the radio recently, and it made me think of Mulder and two important loves in his life - Samantha and Scully - and this vid was born.  It centers on Mulder, dealing with his mixed feelings of despair and hope regarding Samantha's fate,  intertwined with his love for Scully, who is always there for him.